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    Default PWA, Offline support Push notifications addon [Support Thread]

    Hello, last week I have submitted an PWA offline support module wich is still not aproved, but i want to start the forum in advance, so I can share it with all the folks here.

    For those who PWA doesnt ring the bell: PROGRESIVE WEB APP

    It may sound very complicated and hard to achieve but in reality it is not!

    So what does it do?

    In short it gives your website some basic app-like functions and some extra speed from caching as well offline support...

    Offline support - it means you can visit a site when there is no conection with internet, in reality it is only cached version of what you have visited when you last had internet but is something new and on mobile devices is very handy when you travel and the internet is lost, you probably wont even notice that there is no internet if you visit PWA site.

    APP-like funtions - in this contribution there is only one app functionality and it is that you can install your site on the homescreen of an mobile device like phone,tablet and etc. You can visit it irectly from the icon on your desktop.

    Push notifications - are the messages that you see every morning/lunch/night when you open your phone, they are mostly from blogs. But hey, Aliexpress is doing it too, so why not every Zenner too?

    I'm still strugling with the right aproach for push notifications so at this point it is not included, but PROBABLY (not sure if) will be included in future.I hope it will especialy if somebody helps me with it from the ZenCart forum/team.

    I don't like JQuery so im hoping to make it work only with Vanilla JS and PHP, and probably Ajax.

    You can test and use the first version. I am using it on my money site for more than a month and no problems till now.
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