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    Default What is 'realship' and is it an available Shipping Module?

    I've been trying to resurrect a company's website that cratered with a HD crash. Why anyone would want to host a e-commerce site on a private in-house server? But that's another story.

    I did manage to recover the entire database with no problems, and in looking at past orders in the Admin area, I'm unsure how the shipping was set up. They were previously using the outdated Ceon Manual Card Payment module and old orders show something called 'realship' as the shipping method.

    However this doesn't show up in the Shipping Module area and I can't find a plugin or any reference to this anywhere.

    They don't want to do anything with shipping on the order. Customers know that when the order is packaged and ready to ship, it's weighed and they're only charged the exact amount the shipping costs us.

    I've been able to fake this by using the Zone shipping, and setting all the prices to $0.00, but is there a better way?

    Or is 'realship' available somewhere?

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Default Re: What is 'realship' and is it an available Shipping Module?

    did any part of the includes/languages/english/modules/shipping folder survive? If so, dig through those looking for realship in one of the defines. The name of the file will tell you which module was renamed to spit out realship as the shipping method. once you know that you can dig deeper in the database for the settings that were used on the module.
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