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    Default Your order is being processed, please wait...

    ZC version 1.56a
    PHP version 7.0

    Ι upgraded from version 1.5.4, and at the time of upgrade my integration to the Payment module PayPal worked well..
    After the u/grade to the 1.56a - I found that all of the payment integrations to PayPal worked. That is, after you were taken to the PayPal site for payment, you were returned to the website for "Confirm Order".. However this time, all I have on my page, is "Your order is being processed, please wait.."

    I have checked all signatures, etc as per payPal and nothing has changed..

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    Default Re: Your order is being processed, please wait...

    Have you checked your logs folder for any recent error logs around the time of the purchase?

    Also, if you could upgrade to version 1.5.6b, there are a lot of bug fixes that have been applied.
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