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    Default reCAPTCHA Installation instructions clarification

    I am currently using version v1.5.6a. I just installed the reCAPTCHA on my site which appears to be all good so far. I have only done up to Step 2 in the installation process because the instructions are not clear on whether my version needs to follow "Installation for Zen Cart version v1.5.5/v1.5.6" as I'm currently using v1.5.6a and that title is missing the "a".

    I have uploaded all the files within the Includes folder but I was not sure whether I also needed to upload v155-only folder files as the instructions were not clear as it states in README-Google-reCAPTCHA.txt
    HTML Code:
    Installation for Zen Cart version v1.5.5/v1.5.6
    Step 3
         Since the responsive_classic files are new to v1.5.5 there are modified copies of those files included in the v155-only folder.
         Also, since the template_default files in v1.5.5 were changed a lot to modernize how error messages and HTML field types are presented, the v155-only folder also contains "classic" template files, which are basically the template_default equivalents for v1.5.5.
         NOTE: In all these cases, the ONLY change relevant to this plugin is that the following line has been added to the form in each of these template files. You could easily add it yourself wherever you wish the Recaptcha box to display:
         <?php echo recaptcha_get_html(); ?>
    I'm using v1.5.6a and the instructions have v1.5.6 but there is no "a". Do I need to follow Step 3? If I do then the README file should state something such as Installation for Zen Cart version v1.5.5/v1.5.6 (all versions of v1.5.6 such as a). I don't know why there is not a Step 4 in the written instructions like there is in the Installation for Zen Cart Version 1.5.4
    HTML Code:
    Step 4
        Upload all files to your server and it should all just work.
    This is feedback to make the software as user friendly as possible. Try to make the instructions crystal clear.
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    Default Re: reCAPTCHA Installation instructions clarification

    This feedback would be applicable to be posted in the forum associated with the plugin. Understand that generally updates are applied/uploaded when the code necessary for the plugin to operate needs to be modified, otherwise guidance (in answer to the above question) generally can be found in the plugin's forum because questions like this get asked and ideally answered.

    Based on the instruction snippet copied above, if the template in use does not have the line of code identified in step 3, then that code would need to be added.

    Now, that said, because the posting tips were not followed identifying from which version the software was updated and based on review of account history it would appear that the template in use may have been in use on a previous version of ZC. Depending on the method of upgrade, I could see where that template may have been previously updated and already contain that line of code.

    One thing that is interesting to note though is how ZC 1.5.6a is called out as a concern where ZC 1.5.5 had an original issue and 6 sub-versions none of which are "specifically" identified in the above post. Personally, I would use that additional knowledge to identify that the instruction at least in part would still apply to ZC 1.5.6a as 1.5.6 was released after any sub-version of 1.5.5.

    Again, such information would be most helpful in the Google recaptcha forum and likely would help others with a similar concern.
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