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    Default Attributes with different quantities

    I need help in setting up this cart to work with attributes. We are selling knives and I need to create attributes for the different knife handles. Making the attribute isn't so much the issue as I need to be able to have a quantity box next to each of the attribute selections.
    Example hunting knife > attribute Ivory as one handle and wood as another handle.
    When a customer selects the handles the program adds the original product plus the 2 handles. So it looks like the system is adding all 3 (the original product and then the 2 attributes)making it 3.
    I would like to have the cart show a quantity box next to each attribute.

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    Default Re: Attributes with different quantities

    To confirm understanding, you are looking for the ability on a single product page to offer the following possible sale:
    A single knife, with multiple quantities of various handles?

    Typically out-of-the-box Zen Cart could accomplish this by use of say a dropdown for each handle type and each type to have a designated quantity as a selection. E.g.
    Ivory: Please Select the number of Ivory Handles, No Ivory Handle, 1 Ivory Handle, 2 Ivory Handles, etc...
    Wood: Please Select the number of Wood Handles, No Wood Handle, 1 Wood Handle, 2 Wood Handles, etc...

    There is a plugin that can offer a quantity box for the attribute; however, the basis of that is that the base product (knife) is sold with each attribute. I guess that could be used to establish the knife itself as an attribute so that the number of blades could independently identified such as wood with blade or wood without blade. With this setup there would be two option names: blade and handle. The first would have "with blade" and "without blade" as two option values. The second would have each handle type/situation that would be considered available: "wood", "ivory", etc... issue here would come from a possible combination of allowing no handle as then there is the potential of requesting no blade and no handle...

    Anyways, that plugin is called Product Attribute Grid:

    The product can have other attributes in addition, but at most a combination of any two can be used for such specific identification.

    There may still be a commercial module out there that does bundles, otherwise would need some intermediate code to support typing in a number that would be carried over to the checkout process.
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