v1.5.5f php7.1

please refer to the images below - I have 3 images aligned side by side on the home page such that they are taking up almost the full width of the page and are serviceable (click to categories) ... in Mobile on phone screen the layout is the same however obviously the images become very small - is there a way to have the images in Mobile sit one under the other and be full width so that they become a better call to action?

The code I am using is <div class="row"> <div class="column"> images </div></div> and understandably they will show in a row in mobile - however is there another code method I can use that will align side by side on desktop but force one under the other in mobile as large images - something image size related maybe?

I can force the images one under the other in mobile by increasing the space between the images but they remain tiny images.

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