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    Default How to import products file ? (avonlee_contempo template)

    I had input several products into my website.
    but I have over 1000 products.
    Is there any way to import a bulk file (csv or other format file) into the website instead of input the product data one by one ?
    Otherwise, I have to spend at least months to input my products into the website .

    I had export few of my products to csv file from my website.
    I opened the file but some of the information are missing (product description , brand name , quantity ).

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    Default Re: How to import products file ? (avonlee_contempo template)

    Take a look at lat9's mod for this.
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    Default Re: How to import products file ? (avonlee_contempo template)

    There's at least three different plugins recommended, some for various reasons. Kind of depends on the flexibility of use you wish to have.

    There's also this one:
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