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    Default Customer Reports/Customer Duplicates

    I was wondering if there is a way to pull a customer report to try and identify duplicate customers
    so we can clean up the database?

    Also - is there a way to prevent customers from creating duplicate records?

    Thanks so much!!

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    Default Re: Customer Reports/Customer Duplicates

    If still using ZC 1.3.8a as identified in the thread title, then the answer is probably not. As far as "duplicate" customers, customers are identified by email address. Do these existing "duplicate" customers have the same email address? The next "practical" question is how would the individual be identified as a duplicate? Couldn't there be two John doe's somewhere? (explaining how duplicates have been seen would help in that.)
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    Default Re: Customer Reports/Customer Duplicates

    Here's a possibly useful SQL query:

    select customers_id, customers_firstname, count(customers_telephone) as cust_count from customers group by customers_telephone having count(customers_telephone) > 1;

    Also, my 360 sales reporting mod may give you some ideas on how to tie customer accounts together if they originate from the same person, rather than deleting them.
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