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    Default Get rid of billing address when signing up

    So both my website coder & I feel that people shouldn't be asked for their billing address UNTIL they have been asked for their credit card info.

    1. It's not the way 99% of all sites work which could trigger fear in the customer that this is a scam.
    2. What if a person has more than one credit card & different addresses to different cards?

    All in all, it makes the process confusing & anything that's confusing means lost sales.

    Is there any way to get rid of that so it only asks once you enter in the cc info?

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    Default Re: Get rid of billing address when signing up

    Not quite sure how literal you are about waiting until the credit card information has been entered as in a standard checkout, the two are on the same page. It sounds like this is possibly related to someone initially creating a login without attempting checkout. Partially the also raises the question about the process of accessing the site.

    Is an individual required to create a login to navigate the site or is this just one of those things that was happened across and has become some sort of priority?

    It seems like you could check for the condition of the individual being logged in. If they aren't, then hide that field from display and verification of having been entered. If they are, then make it visible and required...
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    Default Re: Get rid of billing address when signing up

    @rapidfinancial1, while it's not exactly what you asked for, the "Registered Accounts" feature of One-Page Checkout enables a customer to defer the entry of their "primary" address until they start their first checkout process.



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