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    Default ADA Compliance Now Required For Websites

    Now that the Supreme Court has declined to hear the appeal from Domino's Pizza, the 9th Circuit Court's ruling stands that websites must be ADA compliant for people who are visually impaired. Most experts agree that WCAG 2.0 level AA is the standard to meet.

    Are there plans in the roadmap to make ZC compliant in this regard?

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    Default Re: ADA Compliance Now Required For Websites

    There have been those of this forum that have identified some areas of improvement at least in the admin section to incorporate/sustain features for the visually impaired.

    As an open source forum and product, changes and suggestions are always welcome to bring improvement. If you know of an area needing to be modified to support such a change and better if you know how to bring it into compliance, your help is always welcome (that goes for anyone reading this). Understand that such improvements are generally going to be incorporated into the latest/next release, so it is advised to consider identification to that version.

    The program is continuously in development at Specific actionable issues could be raised there to meet business needs. Pull requests will be evaluated for incorporation.
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