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    Default Closing the leading slightly between my two tag lines.

    Hi everyone.

    On our test site I have been trying every possible way I can think of (<br>,<h1></h1>, and even <p></p>) to add some leading between the two sentences. The code I am presently using is <br> but I would like the two lines slightly further apart. The other codes move the lines further apart and if I add 2 break lines (<br><br>) it's too much.

    I am placing this code in: includes/languages/english/header.php

    This is how the code appears with my changes:

    // added defines for header alt and text
    define('HEADER_ALT_TEXT', 'Marin of The Green Island');
    define('HEADER_SALES_TEXT', '"Just when you thought it couldn\'t get any better!"<br>"¡Sólo cuándo creía que no podía ser mejor!"');
    define('HEADER_LOGO_WIDTH', '<div style="line-height: 1.5;">192px');
    define('HEADER_LOGO_HEIGHT', '64px');
    define('HEADER_LOGO_IMAGE', 'logo.gif');

    Does anyone have a suggestions?

    A million thanks!


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    Default Re: Closing the leading slightly between my two tag lines.

    You're trying to change the radio station on your car by going through the trunk.

    Some helpful information.

    Core File. Has information that might be changed at the beginning but is seldom accessed for change.
    Database Entry. Something found in many areas of the site or is added, changed, deleted on a regular basis.
    Stylesheets. Changes to the look/arrangement of a site that may or may not need to be quickly changed.

    One would not think of putting database entry into a core file. Imagine if your company name was not a database entry but was listed in every core file where it might be needed. Then, the company name went from just WooHoo! to WooHoo, Inc. You would have to change every file changing the old name to the new.

    Putting Stylesheet changes in core files is just as dangerous as you have found out here. First of all, you are trying to make a change to the text by adding a non-closed div to a LOGO width. The logo has nothing to do with the sentence(s).

    In another thread, we discussed using the stylesheet to adjust the text. Now, you are trying to do it elsewhere. You did find that it should be line-height but, you went to the wrong place to do it.

    It's a common mistake by folks new to Zen Cart. As soon as you find anything close to what you're looking for, you try changing it there. Fifteen years ago, I was doing the same. "programmers" are generally the worst at not looking for the Zen Cart solution thinking "I can fix this."

    Remove the code from the file and go back to the stylesheet where you changed the font and add the line height that you want. Keeping the changes in their proper place will make your first upgrade possible without disaster.
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    Default Re: Closing the leading slightly between my two tag lines.

    Very interesting analogy. Well done Professor. I will definitely keep everything in mind as I make the corrections.

    Thank you for the guidance!



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