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    Default How to set up PayPal?

    Quote Originally Posted by dbltoe View Post
    1. All of our customers are happy with PayPal Express and Square.
    2. See number 1. Not many use merchant accounts these days because of the extra cost.
    3. State taxes are still in limbo. Many rules make smaller businesses exempt with smaller volume of sales.
    4. NEVER use anything other than a ZC downloaded zip.

    • Load basic files
    • Clone responsive_classic to myBasic or similar name
    • Add color change mod and change colors to suit your style
    • Clone that template to myResponsive or similar name
    • Load products and images
    • Adjust the template to get the look you want
    • Add payment and shipping mods as needed
    • Add must-have (not looks good) mods
    • Sell

    5. If you're not concerned about who or what is on your server with you, go for it. However, Zen Cart is one of a very few places where you get MORE than what you paid for. GoneDaddy will bleed you dry with "extras" that pop up when you least expect it. Bandwidth, databases, sub-accounts, redirects, and on and on. Just one server problem without the host pointing fingers at everyone in the world EXCEPT themselves is worth far more than what you will save.
    6. Don't get swallowed into the sliders, 1,000 image, whiz bang, store-bought templates. Most professionals are looking for facts and features. AND, the search engines that bring you traffic are incapable of seeing the sliders or images. Concise photos of product with extreme details will win in the end.
    7. You're welcome
    Thanks! Now, IF you don't mind, a few specifics..
    Credit Card Processing.. Specifically, what do I do? Contact PayPal (I don't know what Square is)? I already have a personal PayPal account. So to get my Credit Card Processing and link it to my new Zen-Cart install, what are the steps,, or the order of the steps? Once again, thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: How to set up PayPal?

    Sign up for a NEW PayPal business account, then setup your profile, funding etc and merchant services.
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    Default Re: How to set up PayPal?

    When go to admin->modules->payment->Paypal Express for example, there are also some instructions about making those credentials accessible and setting up Zen Cart for customer use of PayPal. PayPal Express is the recommended payment module as there has been little issue with working through completion of an order using that method compared to other PayPal methods.
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