!! Currently the module is still in BETA !!
It is functional, but still needs some tweaking Current version: v1.0.0.beta.1

Zen4All Template Color Picker is a back-end tool to set the colors for a Zen Cart theme, so store owners with no coding experience can do simple color tweaking. Based on the ideas of:

I liked the idea of both, and have used them, but for me there was one big drawback. The color scheme values are stored in the database, making it labor intense to add new css values.

My new module uses a standard css file. This way it is also possible to add new values through a text-editor on you computer.

On the edit page you can set colors to:

  • backgrounds (background-color)
  • text (color)
  • borders (border-color, border-top-color, border-right-color, border-bottom-color, border-left-color)


  • Copy all the files to your server.
  • the auto installer will add some values to your database:
    • menu items
    • mod version
    • a configuration field to set the file name for the color stylesheet


  • Go to admin->configuration->Template Colors
  • Edit the value of the stylesheet name, if needed
  • Go to admin->tools->Template Colors
  • Select the template from the dropdown, and the values of your color stylesheet appear
  • Now you can edit, delete, or add a new property

To-do, and limitations

  • Adding a new css element (v1.0.0.beta.2)
  • Deleting a css element (v1.0.0.beta.2)
  • Add proper documentation (v1.0.0)
  • Replace hardcoded texts with language defines (v1.0.0.beta.2)
  • Add titles to buttons (v1.0.0.beta.2)
  • Add ajax, so page reload without jumping back to top after clicking a button (v2.0.0)

You can not use fancy css selectors like:
.rating > input:checked + label:hover
The + < > ~ signs are ignored. This may de fixed in the future

Download link
On GitHub:
Zen4All Template Color Picker
Once all bug are gone, and documentation is written, I will upload this mod to the Download Section