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    Default [Not a core bug] Length mismatch between order_products and products_description


    I have discovered that the products_name column in the orders_products table is 64 characters, while the products_name column in products_description is 128 characters.
    This becomes a problem if a customer orders a product where the name is between 64 and 128 characters. When he/she clicks to confirm the order, ZC crashes and just some of the order lines get added.

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    Default Re: Length mismatch between order_products and products_description

    This is a typical issue when someone chooses to try to increase the length of this field and others that are tracked through the order process and other related processes.

    (eg: in Zen Cart v1.5.6 both tables are set to 64 characters by default)

    It should be possible to resolve the issue through the following SQL statement that can be applied through tools->Install SQL Patches

    ALTER orders_products MODIFY products_name VARCHAR(128);
    It is recommended to make a backup of the database before executing commands that modify the database structure.
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