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    Default PayPal's no refund policy is suppose to refund double charges

    Under PayPals (PP) new no fees reversal for refunds (to my customers) I am suppose to get the fees refunded if it is a double charge. Like the customer uses a cCard and my site has to wait for PP to talk to their card, then their card approves, then PP send the approval back to my site. As fast as all this is, for as much as what is happening, the customer hits the approve button twice, because they don't think anything is happening, and when I refund the money on the second order my fees do not come back. I have to call PP and they said I will have to call every time. If this happens to be their policy they bumped their heads (But we won't go there). Any suggestions on what to do here. I have tried to use the Authorize VS/over Sale and I have had too many customers log into their PP acct to see the double entry and flip out.

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    Default Re: PayPal's no refund policy is suppose to refund double charges

    What version of ZC are you on?
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    Default Re: PayPal's no refund policy is suppose to refund double charges

    I was having this issue a lot.

    To fix it I had to change the checkout submit button so that:
    a) the button would dissapear after being hit (so they couldn't hit it 2,3,4 times)
    b) an animated gif appeared (so they would realize the page was still working rather than hitting back, then returning to the checkout and hitting submit again)

    Some combination of these worked for me:

    That said, when I was doing a quick review of Zen-Cart 1.5.6c, I noticed a new file includes\modules\pages\checkout_confirmation\jscript_double_submit.php that reads as though it is meant to prevent this exact issue.



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