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    i have products like Suncrest Supply Sea Harbor HARLOR101 6" Engineered Hardwood - Abalone for the name. i also have discus comments module installed. for some reason when i use " instead of in. The discus module stops showing. when i use in. it works again.
    i know i could just disable the module, but it bugs me when things arent right, and i feel i need to fix it.( it was part of the template). i have been having problems with google and was wondering if as the title says inch vs " when it comes to ranking. here is the product, works, click next to c not working
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    Forgive me, but I went to the product at the above link then tried to navigate using the prev/next arrows to the next product (several times) and never saw a product that had in or " in the title. Generally speaking though the issue is or becomes display of such titles where the template should apply the proper escaping and/or encoding to display the character(s) without affecting the other in-line information. Either converting to html entities or applying slashes to prevent such issues.
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