Hi All!

Having a bit of an issue with Google Chrome and my site. As you all are probably aware, Google wants all sites to be 100% secure.
So I installed an SSL certificate, but it's still not giving me the green padlock. Upon inspection, the issue is "your connection is not fully secure"
I hit the inspect button and go to security tab. Here is the issue:
Resources - non-secure form
This page includes a form with a non-secure "action" attribute.
Now, I did some digging around and it seems like it's the search button that gives people this issue. I could be wrong. I haven't seen any fixes or solutions except this ancient thread, which I followed the fix and it did nothing. So I'm just wondering what to do about it, is there any plug in that clears this issue, is this a template problem, or do I need to update my Zen Cart Version?

Thank you all in advance!