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    Default Order Status Comments / Customer Account History don't match

    When I update an order in Admin from processing to shipped, in the comments I include a clickable tracking link which the customer receives just fine by email but when they log in and look at the account history the comments show all the html code:

    USPS Tracking # <a href="">940550369930009394 0084</a>

    instead of just the clickable link.

    How do I get it to display like the emails?

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    Default Re: Order Status Comments / Customer Account History don't match

    This is a result of sanitization on display of the information.

    Specifically in: includes/templates/YOUR_TEMPLATE/templates/tpl_account_history_info_default.php

    At or around line 114, the comments are put through zen_output_string_protected which turns such html into viewed content instead of a clickable link. An alternate method of providing that information may be to provide the link path independent of an html tag to be copied and pasted. At the moment I'm short on alternate methods where the desired security is maintained but the information is still made available, although for some reason I'm also thinking that there is a touch of admin sanitization occurring... but I also think I'm wrong about that. Brain is fried at the moment, sorry.
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