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    HI Folks,
    Hope all is well with you all.
    A general question if I may. I have a number of older carts running 1.5, 1.5.1, 1.5.3.
    Recently my hosting company upgraded my php version to 7.3 which to a number of my carts down for PHP errors.
    Call to undefined function: mysql_connect(). Please install the MySQL Connector for PHP

    Having them revert the PHP version back to 5.4 brought them back. They warn of security problems with 5.4 and suggest getting it back to 7.3 as soon as possible. Is there any changes I can make to the existing carts to accept 7.3?
    As always thanks for the help.

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    Default Re: version php

    Sounds like it's time to upgrade your Zen Cart versions (and addons) in order to support modern PHP versions.

    Reference: Server Requirements for Zen Cart

    PHP dropped mysql_xxxx functions in favor of mysqli_xxxxx functions several years ago. Zen Cart made corresponding changes as well. You may have addons that need to make the same change ... along with other PHP modernization changes.

    I've made some related posts over the years to summarize some technical considerations when modernizing PHP code. The latest is here, which contains links to prior posts:

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    Default Re: version php

    You surely have to upgrade the Zen Cart to latest edition (1.5.6c) ASAP!

    ... and why PHP 5.4? That version had been "discontinued" since 2015.
    (The last PHP 5 version is 5.6.40, which you should had been using if you were in PHP 5.)

    You will need to read this article to ensure that you can upgrade your multiple sites of Zen Cart while keep data intact
    (along with keep website alive until upgrade is ready to go)

    It can be rough for the first time going through this, but once you get the whole progress, you will know what to do.



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