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    Default admin_activity_log data too long

    Symptom spotted on ZC 1.5.5 (no suffix) and reproduced on 1.5.6c

    Adding/editing category description with a dozen YouTube embedded videos. Blank page on save. Error log as follows:
    [17-Jan-2020 10:29:06 Australia/Melbourne] Request URI: /ADMIN/categories.php?action=update_category&cPath=23_26, IP address: XXX.XXX.XXX.134
    #1  trigger_error() called at [/home/ACCOUNT/public_html/includes/classes/db/mysql/query_factory.php:167]
    #2  queryFactory->show_error() called at [/home/ACCOUNT/public_html/includes/classes/db/mysql/query_factory.php:139]
    #3  queryFactory->set_error() called at [/home/ACCOUNT/public_html/includes/classes/db/mysql/query_factory.php:266]
    #4  queryFactory->Execute() called at [/home/ACCOUNT/public_html/ADMIN/includes/functions/database.php:53]
    #5  zen_db_perform() called at [/home/ACCOUNT/public_html/ADMIN/includes/classes/class.admin.zcObserverLogWriterDatabase.php:45]
    #6  zcObserverLogWriterDatabase->updateNotifyAdminFireLogWriters() called at [/home/ACCOUNT/public_html/includes/classes/class.base.php:103]
    #7  base->notify() called at [/home/ACCOUNT/public_html/ADMIN/includes/classes/class.admin.zcObserverLogEventListener.php:59]
    #8  zcObserverLogEventListener->updateNotifyAdminActivityLogEvent() called at [/home/ACCOUNT/public_html/includes/classes/class.base.php:103]
    #9  base->notify() called at [/home/ACCOUNT/public_html/ADMIN/includes/init_includes/init_admin_history.php:13]
    #10 require(/home/ACCOUNT/public_html/ADMIN/includes/init_includes/init_admin_history.php) called at [/home/ACCOUNT/public_html/includes/autoload_func.php:48]
    #11 require(/home/ACCOUNT/public_html/includes/autoload_func.php) called at [/home/ACCOUNT/public_html/ADMIN/includes/application_top.php:171]
    #12 require(/home/ACCOUNT/public_html/ADMIN/includes/application_top.php) called at [/home/ACCOUNT/public_html/ADMIN/categories.php:9]
    [17-Jan-2020 10:29:06 Australia/Melbourne] PHP Fatal error:  1406:Data too long for column 'attention' at row 1 :: insert into admin_activity_log (access_date, admin_id, page_accessed, page_parameters, ip_address, gzpost, flagged, attention, severity, logmessage) values (now(), '1', 'categories.php', 'action=update_category&cPath=23_26', 'XXX.XXX.XXX.134', '͗N0_%^miJA-=RhHL]!*wǥb\\e\'3~2yr12@##C\ZVg-AuTL6##0CZ;4/I1h4T$tl)\'f([##H]A9˲HM\Z<( ʞ\\vػG\n2|$TX*1R,@rWN##$W\"Շ^QE;tK_ޟGZ##Ld,@Wip#8N0kRQzvڴC7.މ\Zvwb##;.]SP##5W5{4ѴCg](jj^<dOq۟\rNQjdhp j!\r%1E*-nM~]΢n_uaǝ>mI\'v[Dbr7;</b\\x(##:c08j/>@\'SN6Zb`WCJh,$4IIhRz_uAYwPl-wISetKO9\"r##\"SV25+XA6bf!/y', '1', 'ALERT: Please review for possible XSS activity: [&lt;iframe and &lt;iframe and &lt;iframe and &lt;iframe and &lt;iframe and &lt;iframe and &lt;iframe and &lt;iframe and &lt;iframe and &lt;iframe and &lt;iframe and &lt;iframe and &lt;iframe and &lt;iframe and &lt;iframe and &lt;iframe]', 'notice', 'Accessed page [categories.php] with action=update_category. Review page_parameters and postdata for details.') ==> (as called by) /home/ACCOUNT/public_html/ADMIN/includes/functions/database.php on line 53 <== in /home/ACCOUNT/public_html/includes/classes/db/mysql/query_factory.php on line 167
    This might be related to CSF installed on server, and/or OWASP mod_security with very strict rules in use (almost paranoia mode), but still...

    Is there any specific reason why the 'attention' column isn't TEXT instead of varchar(255) - are there any downsides or possible problems that might occur after changing it to TEXT ? I mean, I've already done it, but just wondering if I should expect headaches...
    ALTER TABLE `admin_activity_log` CHANGE `attention` `attention` TEXT CHARACTER SET utf8mb4 COLLATE utf8mb4_general_ci NOT NULL;
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    Default Re: admin_activity_log data too long

    Yes it's probably time to "store more" :)

    v157 will change it like this:
    ALTER TABLE admin_activity_log MODIFY attention MEDIUMTEXT;

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