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    Default Shipstation Tweak for v156 - Updated By

    ZC 1.5.6 has a new field in the table zen_orders_status_history which is titled 'Updated_by' and shows the username of the person creating the update.

    For a very minor update, you can make the following change to the shipstation_zc.php file so that any updates by Shipstation will show the username instead of just a blank.

    Around line 346, find the section that looks similar to this and replace it with this code:

    $db->Execute("insert into " . TABLE_ORDERS_STATUS_HISTORY . "
                              (orders_id, orders_status_id, date_added, customer_notified, comments, updated_by)
                              values ('" . (int) $_GET['order_number'] . "',
                              '" . zen_db_input($status) . "',
                              '" . zen_db_input($customer_notified) . "',
                              '" . zen_db_input($comments) . "',
                      '" . zen_db_input($_GET['SS-UserName']) . "')");
    Again, quite minor, but thought we would share it.
    Last edited by DrByte; 22 Sep 2020 at 02:16 AM. Reason: added the zen_db_input wrapping

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    Default Re: Shipstation Tweak for v156 - Updated By

    Yep, I've been applying that change to the sites I manage that use shipstation and have the 'updated_by' field (whether via the plugin or zc156).

    Update: Just make sure to wrap that $_GET value with zen_db_input ... just in case there are single-quotes in the shipstation-admin's name. I usually just hardcode the `updated_by` field as 'shipstation'.

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    Default Re: Shipstation Tweak for v156 - Updated By

    Thank you lat9. Both valid points.

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    Default Re: Shipstation Tweak for v156 - Updated By


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