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    help question Custom attributes/variants


    I have set of products that require custom/unique variants. For ex., some products would have sizes in mm, some in inches, some in cc, etc. and they all vary per product so much that I can't define those sizes upfront.

    Something like:

    I tried using 'Attributes' in zen-cart but that seem to require pre-defined set of values that can only be selected during products addition. I would like to define a custom attribute that should accept any value (and allow to set different prices) for each of the product.

    Please advise if there's a quick way to get started on this.


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    Default Re: Custom attributes/variants

    Normally the thought is to attempt to cover the entire set of options that might be available or possible through that "pre-addition" aspect.

    I did just think of a potential way to allow almost any number of "items". It would require javascript or jquery it would seem to implement.

    Basically use a text box where the characters have a cost to them. Then use some sort of scroll/arrow type controller that adds a "character" for each up and takes one away for each down... using CSS you can hide the actual box, but show some counter of some sort for your units and the value could be stored as the number of characters...
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    Default Re: Custom attributes/variants

    Quote Originally Posted by jaggy View Post

    Please advise if there's a quick way to get started on this.
    There isn't. You're going to have to write a bunch of custom logic.
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