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    Default Upgraded but got an error


    I have upgraded our site on my test server and just upgraded the database. I am using Ultimate URLs and had to set up a couple of custom product fields.

    Every time I try to edit a current product, I get the following error mesage:


    Unable to determine the page link!

    Function used:

    zen_href_link('', 'cPath=22_74&product_type=1&pID=169&action=new_product_preview', 'NONSSL')
    It gives me this log file message

    [09-Mar-2020 09:33:50 Europe/Berlin] Request URI: /My/path/to-admin/product.php?cPath=22_74&product_type=1&pID=106&action=new_product, IP address: ::1
    #1 trigger_error() called at [/My/path/to-admin/includes\functions\html_output.php:16]
    #2 zen_href_link() called at [/My/path/to-admin/includes\functions\html_output.php:185]
    #3 zen_draw_form() called at [/My/path/to-admin/includes\modules\product\collect_info.php:254]
    #4 require(/My/path/to-admin/spilL-yeX-Chunk\includes\modules\product\collect_info.php) called at /My/path/to-admin/product.php:107]
    --> PHP Fatal error: zen_href_link(, cPath=22_74&product_type=1&pID=106&action=new_product_preview, NONSSL), unable to determine the page link. in /My/path/to-admin/includes\functions\html_output.php on line 16.
    I thought it was to do with Ultimate URLs, but I have just disabled that and it still throws the same message.

    Please help.
    Debbie Harrison
    DVH Design | Web Design blog

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    Default Re: Upgraded but got an error

    Such an issue has been reported a number of times in the forum and if I remember correctly (probably don't) it is an issue with modifications that were made to admin/product.php that are no longer needed to support the latest version of USU. Which if I remember correctly means that the admin/product.php file should be restored to its original version associated with 1.5.6c.

    Although actually have looked a little further, it appears that the admin/includes/modules/product/collect_info.php file has been modified away from its original file layout as line 254 does not include a zen_href_link function in a vanilla install...
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    Default Re: Upgraded but got an error

    please post your code from line 254 and the next couple of lines.

    this code has been modified, but the problem resides with the zen_draw_form which calls the zen_href_link. i remember having this problem, but i'm struggling to find out exactly what the solution was.
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