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    Default Product description field blank when trying to edit products.

    Zen Cart 1.5.6c
    Database patch level 1.5.6
    PHP version 7.1.33 (Zend: 3.1.0)
    Database engine: MySQL 5.5.5-10.3.18-MariaDB

    Hiya all, I've been doing some work on my site recently and everything has been fine since fixing the template issue for PHP7.1 (changing strings to arrays mostly). But today I have been setting up meta tags on a per product basis and when I tried to edit a product I noticed the description field is blank, even though the live site shows the information that should be in the box.

    It seems similar to this old issue, but the only information not being displayed is the description and my ZC and PHP are current.

    If I replace the information and save it then it is there next time I edit the product, but it seems anything that has not been recently edited does not show the correct information in the product description box.

    I've checked the log folder and php error log in the root of my webserver and neither file has logged any error messages since March 5th, when I fixed the template errors mentioned above.
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    Default Re: Product description field blank when trying to edit products.

    Is it a character-set issue? Did you change from ISO-8859-1 or Latin1 to UTF-8 but haven't updated all the database records?

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