Used 2checkout for about 5 years without a major problem. Somebody purchased our product just last December with a stolen credit card. We got a normal sale notification, shipped the order to Canada (from USA). Just got hit with the charge-back. Here below is the customer support chat. They also removed any phone support this year, chat /email only
Alex Dolgin (16:29) Could you tell me if going forward I have a way to verify matching address: registered to the credit card to shipping address?
Patrik (16:30) Since this transaction is a VISA, the only information on the card is the name and the first and last 4 numbers from the card.
Alex Dolgin (16:31) So how is your fraud protection supposed to work if you have no visibility on any details?
Patrik (16:32) I can see that the country from the billing details does not match the card country, It was also triggered on the fraud filter.
(16:32) The customer also wrote the card number too quickly.
(16:33) The fraud filter said at the point of sale that this order is fraud suspect and needs further review.
(16:33) After the review the order was approved by our Fraud Team.
Alex Dolgin (16:33) So you have a good info, why is it was not flagged, and you told us to ship the product?
(16:34) How do we avoid this again?
Patrik (16:35) At the moment, the order is marked as fraud, this will be treated accordingly, once again, the information I have on my side is limited.
(16:35) I can only ask our Fraud team to further assist you over email.
Alex Dolgin (16:36) My question for you: do you share information with us that there is a suspect fraud?
(16:36) before we ship out?
(16:36) yes or no please
Patrik (16:36) Alex, the flow is like this, an order is created, If the fraud filter thinks the order is fraud, then It marks It as suspect.
(16:36) The order is not sent to finish status until someone approves It by hand.
Alex Dolgin (16:37) What about us?
Patrik (16:37) If the order is confirmed as fraud, you should be get notified about It.
Alex Dolgin (16:38) Do you have a phone number for support? There is none on the website anymore
Patrik (16:38) I apologize we do not offer phone support, only chat and emails.
Alex Dolgin (16:39) So you are saying that your fraud department took a chance and approved the sale, but did not share the risk assessment with us, so we are out of $600?
Patrik (16:41) Alex, for more information I can escalate your ticket to our fraud department.
(16:41) This is all I can do from my end.
Alex Dolgin (16:41) Please do ASAP
Patrik (16:42) Surely, is there anything else I can help you with>?
Alex Dolgin (16:43) no