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    Default Working thru Debug logs.
    Database Patch Level 1.5.1
    upgraded via zc_install
    PHP 5.6.4
    SQL 5.7.23-23
    I am starting to repair a Hack---
    Looking at the vast Debug logs and would like to have help interpreting what some of these means. Going to post one at a time unless advised otherwise. If I have not included info you need please let me know. Please and Thank you so much!

    Debug log:
    PHP Warning: Creating default object from empty value in /public_html/myadmin/categories.php on line 986

    This is Lines 985 to Lines 987

    if (empty($pInfo->products_id)) {
    $pInfo->products_id= $pID;

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    Default Re: Working thru Debug logs.

    It would be easier to upgrade. It makes no sense for you to invest a ton of time fixing an old buggy release.
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