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So, we've been testing this mod a bit. We didn't even realize that the plug-in included one feature that it going to be super helpful.

With this plug-in, we can capture a partial amount and it will create a new authorization for the balance. The balance is displayed on the order-admin and can be easily captured later after the backorder ships. Super cool. Thanks Carl! We would have asked for this long ago but never even thought it possible.
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Okay... that's good for me to understand. It seems a bit misleading to the customer. If it were me, I would expect that I truly deleted the card from existence with this vendor/ website.

Any thoughts or advice on the other issue: where the card is being stored despite the customer unchecking the "save this card" checkbox?

This is a complex plug-in. Amazing how well it works with Authorize CIM.
perhaps you can see the contradictions in the things that you say here. perhaps not....

there is a reason why everything is done the way it is done.

with regards to thoughts or advice, if you want to change the way the plugin operates, you are free to do so. if you would like me to do it, feel free to PM me.