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    Default Use of "order" instead of "invoice"

    In my business, in no way is the printout of the order details an "invoice" (which in my country is a legal document requiring various specific fields), so I have removed all references to it and use "Order" or "Order Details" where appropriate. Otherwise we would get in trouble for using that word on an invalid document.

    For us, Zen Cart is a sales channel that collates customer orders. An invoice is generated from our invoicing software with the correct fields.

    Just wondering if that is an issue for others / should "invoice" should be changed in the core code?
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    Default Re: Use of "order" instead of "invoice"

    Outside of the code related to payment modules where "invoice" is the word used by their systems, so is reflected in the module (so I don't think those should be changed), there aren't many references to the word "invoice".

    - Catalog-side: The only customer-facing reference is an internal definition of "invoice URL", which displays as "Click here for a detailed invoice" ... which is in fact very detailed. It doesn't know what other data your country requires to be displayed, but you could certainly put those details on the page in your template.
    Changing that to "Click here to see the details of your order" would be acceptable, but of course is easily done within one's own store too.

    - Admin-side: Mostly, the word "invoice" is used to provide a facility for generating a suitable "legal document" for those who customize the page to add what is required in their jurisdiction.

    Changing these makes sense:
    define('EMAIL_TEXT_INVOICE_URL', 'Detailed Invoice:');
    define('EMAIL_TEXT_INVOICE_URL_CLICK', 'Click here for a Detailed Invoice');
    define('OSH_EMAIL_TEXT_INVOICE_URL', 'Detailed Invoice:');
    define('ENTRY_ORDER_ID','Invoice No. ');

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