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    Default Problem with Attributes

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    I am helping a friend setting up Manufacturs/designers in the store
    When adding a product we can see the list of zips, but not the list of download attributes.
    I checked the attribute manager and there are no option names or option values listed in there all I can see there are products listed in the categories.
    She is uploading by FTP and we are using Custom Scriptz Private Area for Designers to upload their own products. This is a completely Fresh Store.
    I don't know how to use the Attributes manager so a bit wary of adding anything to it.
    I hope that is enough info for you, if not, feel free to ask questions.

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    Default Re: Problem with Attributes

    This would be where the downloads manager would be helpful to use... it "summarizes" the characteristics needed to provide the download.

    Also, while I can't say I fully understand the "indicator" adjacent to a product/categories name (*) and why/when it is added there, I thought it represented a product that has attributes...
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    Default Re: Problem with Attributes

    The new docs are taking shape and looking better each day. Haven't had a chance to thoroughly vet the ones for attributes but it looks like a good read. Might be very helpful for you.
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