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    Default Dual Currency

    just a quick question. is there any way that i can have a dual currency on my products?

    my customers who use mobile devices cannot change their currence from £ to $ etc.

    Any help much appreciated.

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    Default Re: Dual Currency

    Language/Currency Links in Header:

    Working here:

    There are others in the forum plugins also.
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    Default Re: Dual Currency

    There's also at least a plugin that supports showing sideboxes in the center area. It is the center area that is predominantly displayed to customers on mobile or tablet devices.

    Fyi, currencies can be swapped for display by adding the applicable currency to a link, such as: &currency=USD for US dollars or &currency=GBP for British Pound. Such information can be used to create some sort of link wherever you want to make it easier for a visitor to see the price in whatever currency you have available.
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