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    Default Create Cart//Session from Headless Front End

    With all the buzz now around headless e-eCommerce I was wondering if there's a way to pass a cart from a different front end and use zencart for the checkout part.

    Basically the question is how we can create the cart session from the outside

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    Default Re: Create Cart//Session from Headless Front End

    There's always a way. Time, money, devotion probably are minimum things to have. Somewhat curious about what is conceived as "headless...", more of why would one need to basically do away with the capability of what is here... sure, don't have to be "stuck" with a product type's view or really any one aspect, but at some point the product has to pass by the store and get purchased... how much is gutted out? Again, really depends on what is needed, but the general design of ZC has not been just a payment processor...
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