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    Default 1.5.5D. All of a suddent my store will not send emails

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    1.5.5D. All of a sudden my zen cart will not send emails.

    PHP Version: 5.6.40 (Zend: 2.6.0)

    Its really weird. But my email works from the server here. But when I try and update an order on the website, or even send a gift certificate or anything that sends an email, I am getting an error message.

    This is the error message that pops up in red: ERROR: Failed sending email to: "Ashley Greene" with subject: "Order Update #10358" SMTP connect() failed.

    This is the link it shows at the top, when the error message shows and it trys to email the person:

    I tried sending a gift card to someone and that did not work either. Its weird because I have changed nothing and the emails work from my desktop on outlook. Just not on the back end of the website.

    Any help would be appreciated as as I really need to be able to email my customers

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    Default Re: 1.5.5D. All of a suddent my zen cart will not send emails

    I changed it to PHP and it works. But i really want the smpt to work

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    Default Re: 1.5.5D. All of a suddent my zen cart will not send emails

    Have you tried smtpauth and provided credentials?

    The fact that email works from your desktop means that the account in general works; however, there is something associated with the communication/configuration between the Zen Cart store and your account.
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    Default Re: 1.5.5D. All of a suddent my zen cart will not send emails

    "SMTP" mode is "unauthenticated", and "unauthenticated" can trigger spam filters.
    "SMTPAUTH" mode is "authenticated" because you provide the username/pwd to the email account you're sending from.

    Many email providers require SMTPAUTH to avoid being seen as spamming.

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