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    Default I can't see editor's option on my product editor

    Zen Cart v1.5.4/v1.5.4
    PHP Version: 5.6.40 (Zend: 2.6.0) PHP Memory Limit: 128M

    Hi dear ZenCart users!

    Few days ago, while I was trying to upload few new producst I noticed that my editor's bar options is missing when I open my product editor on ZenCart with Chrome. It is only availble on Internet Explorer. Does somebody have any idea what could be the reason?

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    Default Re: I can't see editor's option on my product editor

    There's been a change that has affected older versions of the html editor CkEditor. Recommendation has been to install the latest version of it. Forgive me I have forgotten all of the details of why it doesn't work, just that some of the previous resources are not made accessible to/by all browsers now...
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    Default Re: I can't see editor's option on my product editor

    Might be a good time to upgrade. Everything you are using is way outdated.

    If you have cPanel, you can use the steps at
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    Default Re: I can't see editor's option on my product editor

    See this ( other posting on the issue for possible solutions.



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