I mail out a Gift Certificate to myself via Admin, valued at $10.00. The email I received has raw code in it as follows..

enter the code eabf6a415a on the Checkout-Payment page.

Why is this raw code in the email? Why doesn't the Gift Certificate email show the amount.

Am I missing files?

When I click on the link in the email to redeem the amount, I get the following notice...

The Gift Certificate number eabf6a415aeabf6a415a may be invalid or has already been redeemed.

Now, if I click on the link in my website for Gift Certificate FAQ, where I enter the code in the box, I have a default 0 (zero) in the box. I backspace the 0 and enter the code there, it does redeem and I get the following text..

Congratulations, you have redeemed a Gift Certificate worth $10.00.

I need the email links working.

I have uninstalled Gift Certificates ot_gv and re-installed it, it didn't fix it or change any of the errors in the email.

I am running version 1.5.7. Please help.