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    Default Can't get access anymore to admin !!!!!

    Hi everyone,
    I really need your help, please. I don't know if this thing already happe to some of you.

    As every 90 days, the admin asked me to change the password. This is what I did, but after, I couldn't get access anymore. So I asked to send again a temporarly password to my admin mail, but I didn't receive anything.
    I tried several time and check my spam....but no mail to reinitialize my paswword. Now, how can I get access to my admin?

    Please help me ?

    Note: I'm french and i don't know a lot of thing about please, keep it simpliest as you can. Thank you so mluch in advance.

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    Default Re: Can't get access anymore to admin !!!!!

    You may need to follow the steps at
    Did you read the posting tips?!?
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