We've been going along just fine for a long time, and all of a sudden, when a customer tries to log in, our email address is showing up in the login address field. I haven't changed anything in months, and I've never messed around with that part of the software at all. Nothing about our configuration has changed in over a year. I can't see why this change would have occurred and I don't see how to fix the problem. It has confused several of our customers who didn't understand why an address was suddenly popping up in that field instead of it being empty so they could put their own in.

At the same time, when someone emails us using the contact form, our address is showing up as the return address for that person. If it's a customer, I can go back to their record and find their address. But sometimes it has been someone just inquiring about our products, and I have no way to respond to them because the email shows as having come from us. I have never touched the contact form code at all.

It seems likely that these two things are related, since they seem to have appeared at about the same time, but I don't see what's causing either of them. Has anyone else run into these issues, and what did you do to fix it?