I made a simple edit to my home page. Whenever I do this I have to reinstall the Constant Contact popup Form Code. Just before I made edit the form worked. But, after edit , I re-added the "Universal " code to the home page content body and the pop up did NOT work anymore. As I always do I cleared cache and tested. NO popup

Here is the code:
<!-- Begin Constant Contact Active Forms -->
<script> var _ctct_m = "d73d7cd54f54f6435580ebd6a4710bd2"; </script>
<script id="signupScript" src="//static.ctctcdn.com/js/signup-form-widget/current/signup-form-widget.min.js" async defer></script>
<!-- End Constant Contact Active Forms -->

I seem to recall there is something I am suppose to add to the header of the main page. Anyone run into this?