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    Default Unusual Entries In Customer Account Fields

    Hello All,

    Okay, long-time listener, first-time caller, here. I have been running Zen for awhile, and have never failed to find the needed answer on this forum. So, a deeply-felt and hearty "THANK YOU!" to all of those who make Zen the great product that it is and this, the excellent forum that it is.

    So, I got that off of my chest; now, to the question at hand, but first some background. I am currently running a 1.5.7b site on an Apache server, with a PHP version of 7.4.11 (Zend: 3.4.0). The db patch level is 1.5.7. I have a couple of plugins installed; Inventory Updater, Display Logs, Edit Orders, Easy Populate 4, Pzen Slideshow, and Ultimate URLs.

    Though in production, I am still working stuff out while I have little to no traffic. Accounts are being created by those stopping by. I have a couple of legitimate customers who have created accounts (past customers) and every day, I get one to five new accounts created--with seemingly legitimate information--until I look at it closer. For example, the name, email, and parts of the address will look legit, but then in the Suburb and Postal Code or other fields, there will be random words like, "practical, "copy," "esteemed," or "doughnut."

    So, my question is, what am actually seeing and how do I defeat it?

    Thank you one and all for any assistance in getting to the bottom of this.

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    Default Re: Unusual Entries In Customer Account Fields

    Update: A few minutes after posting, I believe I have found the answer I needed. I will try it out. I found it here:



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