Hope I'm posting this in the right place.
Zencart version 1.5.7c

I am getting the following debug error pop up when turning ozpost postage module on/off.

[15-May-2021 04:21:39 Australia/Melbourne] Request URI: /ADMIN/index.php?cmd=modules&set=shipping&module=ozpost&action=edit, IP address:
#1 eval() called at [/users/MYSITE/public_html/ADMIN/modules.php:335]
#2 require(/users/MYSITE/public_html/ADMIN/modules.php) called at [/users/MYSITE/public_html/ADMIN/index.php:11]
--> PHP Deprecated: Non-static method ozpost::ozp_cfg_select_option() should not be called statically in /users/MYSITE/public_html/ADMIN/modules.php(335) : eval()'d code on line 1.

modules.php line 335
Is there a left parenthesis missing??