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Site URL: https://mservicegroup.com/
ZC Version: 1.5.7a (problem goes back to at least 1.5.6)
Plug-ins: Mobishop Template, AJAX One Page Checkout, Fedex_Web_Services, TXP Payment Gateway, Quick Updates, Multi-Cross-Sell, Microformats-RichSnippets, Sitemap_XML, Easy_Populate

Every 90 days or whenever Passwords Expire, I am prompted to change my password except that changing my password using that "Password Expired" webpage fails.

I replace it with unique, randomly generated 16, 18, and 20 alphanumeric + symbol passwords. These always fail whether on the Admin side or the User side.

The only thing that works and I am forced to do to, is use the Forgot Password link. Only this method successfully changes my password.

Unfortunately, my customers are not that patient and I've lost customers. A few told me it's too much trouble and they've ordered elsewhere. Others just don't come back.

Please help,

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