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    Default Re: is there a payment module for klarna?

    Quote Originally Posted by torvista View Post
    No, I believe Klarna now uses a totally different api so they will be obsolete for Klarna itself, not for Zen Cart.
    But I could be wrong and it does no harm to have them available for reference so you could put them somewhere for download.
    Can be downloaded here:

    Actually Klarna Denmark has listed Zen cart over integrations they support.

    So i am in dialouge for they to release the denmark version so that my Developer can have a look at it. But not sure if they will (i live in Norway).

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    Default Re: is there a payment module for klarna?

    >So i am in dialouge for they to release the denmark version

    Ask them to stick it on the Klarna GitHub so we can fix it!
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    Default Re: is there a payment module for klarna?

    I tried with chatgpt to make a klarna module. Maybe somebody who knows code and file structure better than me can make use of the code here?? :)

    I gave up and my usual dev had a quick look and made sense of it, said alot of stuff looked valid but was located wrong file structure wise. He didn't really have the time to look into it further as it was christmas time and i sprung a new template out ready to dump my old basic template.

    Currently at one module made by chatgpt that was sent to a dev to take over the finish line... the dev for that one said it was a full rewrite but i recognised 90% of the code hadn't changed and that was a full event ticketing and admissions suite!

    Hopefully this is helpful and not a hinderance, toy around with it at your own risk of course (backup database and files or use test site ect)

    I have seen this under the payment modules menu but hitting install module is where it failed. Let me know if it is fixable, id love to get this up and running myself but as you can tell by the above, im a newbie learning as i copy and paste what i prompted out of an ai chatbot.

    I also hav a royal mail api module that connects to royal mail and would work to transmit the info for order processing but that went wrong when the chatbot added code to request a quote for shipping price, something that is not a feature of the api i fed into it to start with.

    Most likely issues with this klarna module will be files in the wrong place and possibly placeholders for key functions, maybe a definition changed midway through development as it forgot the chat history towards the final few files. It learns from code found online, it can include silly errors as you find people tend to share code with issues not perfect code :s


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