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    Default language loading question....

    i do not want to dig into the autoloader (yet again...).

    but i am curious if this is, in fact, the intended behavior.

    if i got the home page of mySite, i am seeing that both of these files are getting loaded:


    now, i thought the whole point of adding a page specific file in the template directory was to override the values in the default script. which it does as the template file gets loaded first.

    but why load the default one if you have already modified that one?
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    Default Re: language loading question....

    IIRC, that's to capture any 'base' language constants that didn't make it into the template-override version.

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    Default Re: language loading question....

    As an example, if the template language files are old but installed on top of a new Zen Cart, this will catch new defines that aren't in the old language files.
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    Default Re: language loading question....

    And put another way, not everyone either first copies the core version to the override version nor does everyone compare override template files to the core version.

    Either or both of those actions should be done when working with template override files.
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