Hi. I recently updated my site's products, using the red and green "disabled, enabled" "on, off" status button next to each product.

I'm using Zen-Cart version 1.5.6(c), PHP version 4.9.7, and the Zencart_Zen plugin by Clyde Jones, with few, if any, active plugins. I did just edit pages using the Tools->define pages editor. I also I had to upload a new define_main_page_lower page to update the old page of the same name. The latter page is not editable through the define pages editor. That page was created so that I could show text on the main page below the categories list.

Thankfully, the status button had worked when I turned products on and off.

However, today, since using the define pages editor, the status button no longer appears beside each product, so I cannot tell which ones are enabled and which are disabled. I keep disabled products because sometimes they come back in stock, and there are so many disabled products it would be difficult to go through each admin product page to see whether the enabled or disabled button is checked.

I found no instruction yet on what might be interfering with the showing of the product status column, or how to recover the status column.

Because this is a problem in Admin, I would need to provide the password if someone wants to take a look. I do not have a picture at a URL for uploading, but could provide a picture by email.