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    Default Re: Something I'd like to see

    anything but helpful
    What would you consider helpful....someone writing the code for you and posting it here? For free?
    Do you work for free?
    You don't pay for the code nor the plugins nor the advice, but that is not enough?

    Zen Cart is open source to allow you do what you want/need without being forced to pay for it. But, as with anything in life, if you can't do something yourself, you have to pay someone who can.

    You are not a "coder". No-one here was when they started, and few can lay claim to it, but with Zen Cart it is unavoidable to get your hands dirty at some point. So you need to be prepared to learn as you go on, or pay for everything or use a managed ecommerce solution.
    The answer you got is exactly what most people want/need...where to start.

    Everyone who answers questions in this forum has better things to do with their time, but they still invest their time here for reasons best known to themselves.
    Your attitude and responses pretty much guarantee that they'll find some other post to answer instead of yours.
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    Default Re: Something I'd like to see

    My attitude only started when I received this response...

    Him: You could adapt the Customers > Customer Orders-Total report to do this:

    This response was great.

    Me: Then I went on to ask for some guidance...

    Really, how? Right now Customer Orders-Total only shows people who have spent money... not those who haven't.

    And this response is what gave me an attitude...

    "Adapt" in this context means "start with this as a base and modify to taste."

    Why? Because it's condescending, it's completely pointless. It doesn't help in any way than to patronize and treat me
    like I doin't know what the word adapt means, just so he can stonewall me.

    That was not cool or helpful.

    Hence the attitude.

    Say what you want, but that was total BS.


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