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    Default Site issue after Server Move

    v155f php7.1

    Looking for some guidance on resolving these issues please. Just moved domain to a new server (same host) and have 2 issues;

    a) site resolves in an erratic format (not sure of the right terminology to describe it) - image below or clicking on link will show you what I mean, and
    b) when trying to log in to admin, after the admin login screen shows (correctly) and clicking login I get this error [The information that youíre about to submit is not secure - Because this form is being submitted using a connection thatís not secure, your information will be visible to others.] options are to send anyway or go back - sending anyway ends up back at login screen. Host has checked and doesn't see any security issues their end that would cause this.

    process used in move;

    loaded virgin copy og ZC version that site uses into new server
    copied all files and database from old server
    ran installation in new server
    uploaded all copied files from old server into newly installed site (except 2 configure files)
    imported saved database into new site

    any help will be much appreciated.

    many thanks, Mike

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    Default Re: Site issue after Server Move

    Yeah, check your configure.php files. The links to all of your .css and .js files are messed up, they look like the following
    you need to learn how to use the tools at your disposal, like developer tools in the browser, or view source. It was easy to quickly spot the following in the view source, and the console in developer tools would show you errors for all of the assets that can not load.

    <base href="" />
    <link rel="canonical" href="" />
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