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    Default Re: Form is not secure. Autofill has been turned off

    Quote Originally Posted by swguy View Post
    No - that's just an example. You will need to create a new name for secretadmin. Any string of digits and letters will do.
    I successfully changed both files and added an "s" and IT WORKED IT WORKED!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!! like i said i was not able to change secretadmin but i was able to fix the errors that were coming up in Red saying "This form is insecure. Auto-fill has been turned off". Yay!!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: Form is not secure. Autofill has been turned off

    Changing secretadmin in post 1.5 versions of Zen Cart is just a matter of renaming the folder from the old name to a new name (a string of random digits and numbers). Try it again. Your FTP client or File Manager in cPanel both allow renaming with a right click.
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