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    Default Developer Mode Functions

    I just created a clean base install of 1.5.7c in my local host. I edited zc_install/includes/localConfig.php to enable Developer mode.

    I thought this would stop the required removal of zc_install folder and the renaming of the admin but I am still getting errors since I did not do this. I am missing something but I am not sure what I did wrong.


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    Default Re: Developer Mode Functions

    I have this block of defines at the end of my /local/configure.php file in both admin and shopfront which makes local dev life easier.

    define('ADMIN_BLOCK_WARNING_OVERRIDE', true);//any non-empty value to disable check for zc_install and admin name. Check prevents admin login/shows alert_page.
    define('WARN_INSTALL_EXISTENCE', 'false'); //any value !== 'true' to disable warning. Warning does not prevent admin login
    define('WARN_CONFIG_WRITEABLE', '0'); //any value !== 'true' to disable warning. Warning does not prevent admin login
    define('STRICT_ERROR_REPORTING', true);//true as boolean to enable
    //define('DEVELOPER_OVERRIDE_EMAIL_STATUS', '');//false as string to prevent sending ANY emails
    define('DEVELOPER_OVERRIDE_EMAIL_ADDRESS', '[email protected]');//override address for all emails
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