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    application error Sort products bought by order number

    Hello. I am quite new to Zen Cart.
    I'm trying to do something that I just can't find in the admin.

    Magneto has a feature called "ordered products report", I'm looking for something similar. A plugin or feature that sorts ordered products, but instead of sorting it by date, I want it to sort by order number.

    Like a mixture of superorder's "order No. range" search option and sales report's products bought report. I have attached a screenshot example of something similar to what I want to achieve.

    What it would do: I could gather all the ordered products in one go instead of going back and forth. For example, if someone ordered 3 pencils, but 2 other people ordered pencils too, it would sum all of them so I could print them in a report.

    Thank you in advance!
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    Default Re: Sort products bought by order number

    Try Sales Report.

    Or perhaps modified Products Viewed (Admin > Reports > Products Viewed), which has a date selector, to do what you want.
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