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    Default Admin | Customers edit customer undefined key when customer fax turned off

    zc157d vanilla with PHP 8.0

    Minor bug
    Warning Undefined array key "customers_fax" in admin\customers.php on line 92.

    This occurs when Admin | Configuration | Customer Details | Fax Number = false
    and Customer Details are edited.

    I changed (changes in red)
    $customers_fax = zen_db_prepare_input($_POST['customers_fax'] );
    $customers_fax = zen_db_prepare_input(($_POST['customers_fax'] ?? ''));

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    Default Re: Admin | Customers edit customer undefined key when customer fax turned off

    Most of these things have already been dealt with on Github, always worth having a search in the issues there first:
    Steve Spanish Language Pack, Google reCaptcha, Structured Data, Multiple Copy-Move-Delete, Image Checker, BackupMySQL Admin/Auto, Product Listing Sorter...



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