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    Default Re: Square WebPay support thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nick1973 View Post
    Trust me, I have lost orders through this, and I know I have, so I know that it is the issue.

    It's easy to replicate if you try it.
    try and play along. i have tried it. numerous times. on your site and on vic's site. did you read the above post:

    did you watch the video, i posted:

    i have a suggestion for you. why don't you do a screencast similar to what i did, showing the exact sequence where an order goes through using your keystrokes. and then one where it does not.

    trust me, there is nothing more that i want to do than to solve this problem. but unless i can replicate it, i can not solve it.

    finally with regards to this comment:

    It works on the standard checkout, so really it should be the same on OPC.

    the only thing i can say is you really have no idea what is going on in OPC and the amount of javascript code that plugin does.
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    mxWorks now has premium plugins
    are you using square? have you shown any appreciation with cake on venmo or on paypal?
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